80-Year-Old Homeless Pianist Plays Street Piano, Performs Classic Piece That’s Going Viral

80-year-old Natalie is a trained classical pianist. She has been well-known in the Melbourne area for years and has been mesmerizing her audience for decades. So with her talent in mind, the video shared in this post comes as no surprise. Something interesting to note is that the piece she’s playing in the video was composed by the pianist herself; Natalie was 13 or 14 years old when she composed it.

Natalie’s life has been plagued with negativity, and her journey thus far hasn’t been easy. According to the Daily Mail, she has suffered the death of her two daughters, been homeless, and had stints of bad health.

She has looked for opportunities to play the piano for passersby. Natalie looks for pianos set up on display in streets and stores to serenade people.

The melody in the video below is almost magical to listen to. It can really calm you down and take you into a very peaceful world.

Listen to Natalie play her composition in the video below. If you enjoyed this piece as much as we did, then don’t forget to like and share her talent with family and friends.

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